Our monthly meetings

Every month the regular Sabbath meeting is replaced by an evening gathering on the first Friday of the month at 6:00 pm and everyone brings some food as we generally have a meal together after it.

Prayer & intercession

Prayer meetings are held throughout the week in Hebrew and Russian. 

Pastor Claude also organizes IFI intercession meetings in the Galilee every 3 months to pray for Israel.

Home groups

The home groups are for edification and fellowship.


We are holding worship meetings on the first Tuesday of every month. We also worship jointly with other worship teams from the Galilee.

The feasts

As far as possible we celebrate every feast of the Lord. The feasts are opportunities not only to fellowship as brothers and sisters in Him but also to explain the deep revelations for us in the feasts.


The excursions take place with the whole fellowship once a year in the spring.


We have discipleship groups. One of our goals is to make disciples of Yeshua, people who will develop His character and be close to His heart in order to be able to take further responsibilities in the ministry and the service of the saints.

The youth, teens and children ministry

We endeavor to teach our children and youth the way of the Lord but also to teach them to be lights in an antagonist environment. It is important for them to know their true identity in Yeshua and as Messianic Jews in Israel. Therefore our children generally take an active part in the celebration of the feasts of the Lord in our fellowship. We also try to organize joint events with youth from other fellowships, principally from the Galilee. 

Cleaning the city

We feel we need to contribute to the welfare of our community and cleaning the city, especially the districts is very needed in Tiberias. It is also our way to demonstrate the need for spiritual and moral purity.

Community service

Sharing our faith

We have several projects with the goal of sharing our faith and these are our two leading principles: