Our Vision

Celebrating the biblical feasts

The biblical feasts are also called the feasts of the Lord. These are the feasts that were celebrated by the believers of the first Church in Jerusalem 2000 years ago. As we all know the Christian tradition has either altered, suppress certain feasts or add others. We believe that the biblical feasts have a rich spiritual meaning for all of us but they also have an interesting prophetic dimension. The feasts, when celebrated corporately, convey a precious message both individually and to the Body of Messiah. In many Israeli Messianic fellowships we try to plan these celebrations well ahead of time and although it is not always possible to invite everyone because of logistic reasons, our desire is to share the feasts with our people as far as we can.

Our main goals are as follows:

In any case the feasts are an opportunity to enjoy the fellowship of our brethren with our Lord at the center.