The fellowship was started upon a clear word from the Lord received by Pastor Claude on the 13 th of July 1990. After a few weeks Claude & Michelle’s house was full as the meetings began every Shabbath. Soon enough, by God’s grace the fellowship was graciously hosted by the Church of Scotland right on the shores of the Sea of Galilee. However the Jews were reluctant to come to a church and we understood that the Lord wanted to give us a place of our own, not identified with a Christian denomination.

After much prayer we received a confirmed word to look for a new location. God told us explicitly not to rent but to buy a meeting place in Tiberias and we found a factory for sale up-town in the industrial zone. However, a few months after that, as we were still praying for the Lord’s financial provision we received His word “I am not only the Lord of the hills but also of the valleys”. We kept praying and we understood that the location should be down-town Tiberias in the city center. Knowing that Tiberias has always been very antagonist toward the Messianic Jews, it was with much apprehension that we looked for a meeting place in the city center. The only one suitable for meetings was an old shabby building. As we first went there God made it clear to our spirit that this was the place He had chosen for us although we knew that the renovation would be a huge project. Yet we didn’t have the finances so we prayed and a few months after that the Lord answered us and provided the whole amount.

At that point we didn’t know that we would enter a long battle as the authorities did everything they could to thwart the project. Finally we bought the property in March 2008 and it took us 9 years of battle, perseverance, faith and faithfulness to get the final permit on the first Candle of Hanukah which was also the 25 th of December 2017. We are infinitely grateful to our God who keeps His promises faithfully.