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Sabbath service May 9, 2020

God can fill empty vessels

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Dear Brothers and Sisters, here I am sending you the file with the Shabat message.
The message starts a bit late with the translation as we had a problem recording it.
Here are the first 10 minutes, i will write them so you can read them here and then watch the video with the full message.
Claude began with this:
So we can thank the Lord for the patience that He gives us, that shabat after shabat we have to wait, and to wait is always very hard to do. But God tells us to wait, so we wait.
And we hope that maybe in the end of May or beggining of June we will be able to meet here. Of course we will tell you all in advance.
So we see what happens around us in the world, its consequences of a long process. The modern life developed, all type of technology developed and not only technology but also electronics, media, all military weapon more modern. All type of thechnological science has developed. But from the other hand the Arts didnt developed as much. Not in the same rate.
When there is a situation like that – we have a problem.
For example (if i remember corectly) the people who invented the technology of the atomic bomb was a couple, amen and a woman and the intention of inventing the technology was good, they didn’t think about it as a a weapon in the army hand. But beacuse of the technology developed so fast but the morals and spirit didnt developed as fast so today we are in situation where if the atomic bomb will fall in the wrong hands like isis or other islamic radicals then by the click of one button it can end the civilization.
Now, go to the link and continew with the translation in the video

Sabbath service May 3, 2020

Behold, how good and how pleasant it is for brethren to dwell together in unity!

Psalm 133:1

And how important it during the hard times.

Sabbath service April 25, 2020

Are we close to the end of times? May be, but we are not alone – we game our lives to God Almighty!

Sabbath sermon April 18, 2020

Sabbath sermon, April 11, 2020

Pastor Claude Ezagoori speaks about the importance of intersession for nations.

Worship on the roof April 7,2020

We usually have a worship meeting every first Tuesday of the month in our building. But this month it is outside.

Sabbath service April 4, 2020


March 24, 2020 full service

7 הוראות
Seven instructions